Texas Singer/Songwriter
Richard J. Dobson


Recorded by



(The almost complete Richard Dobson / Salty Songs catalogue)

There may be songs I have forgotten that should be included here; and there may be a couple I might have just as easily left out. They are like children, these creations, and I have tried to own up to them all.
are available on request.

All songs published by Salty Songs, B.M.I. except where indicated:
*indicates co-written songs
**indicates songs listed wholly or partly with another publisher.
Administered by Songwriters Guild of America for the U.S.A. European publishing is represented by SUISA .
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  Ain't it Like a Circle
  Always One More River
  Amsterdam (* and **) (Ted Jones; Susie Monick; Mark Webb)
  At the End of the Day (* and **) (Thomm Jutz)

A-Vibe (* and **) (Susie Monick)




  Baby Ride Easy (**)
  Back to the Island
  Ballad of Captain Blake
  Ballad of Chipita and Karla Faye
  Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith
  Between Husbands and Wives
  Big Two-Hearted River
  Bless Your Heart (*) (R.D. Mowery)
  Blue Collar Blues (* and **) (Ron Davies)
  The Blue in Susie's Eyes
  The Blues or the Door (* and **) (Susanna Clark)
  Blues With No Reason
  Border Town
  Broken Hearted Highway (* and **) (Brent Moyer)
  Burning That Candle

But For Momma




  Close But No Cigar
  Close Calls
  Cost Me a Heart
  Country Boy With a Rock & Roll Heart
  Coyote Waltz



  Doing the Same Old Thing
  Don't Know Why Blues
  Down in Lafayette (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Down on the Trinity River






  The Fairest Outlaw
  Fooling Around
  Forever, For Always, For Certain
  Fool For a Waltz (* and **) (Luke Reed)
  For Your Sweet Kiss



  Gator Bait
  Going to the Roundhouse
  Gold (* and **) (Luke Reed)



  Hard by the Highway
  The Hard Way
  Hard Work Talking Blues
  Have You Hugged Your Kid Today?
  Hearts Are Like Horses (* and **) (Richard Ferreira)
  Heart Good as New
  Hello Bluebird
  The Hills of Kosovo
  Hit Me Like a Train
  Hole in My Heart (* and **) (Steve Earle)
  Home Made Kites
  Houston Town
  Hum of the Wheels



  I Don't Want to Know (* and **) (Catherine Craig; Will Smith)
  I Give Myself Away (* and **) (Richard Ferreira)
  I Got Twenty Dollars
  I Keep on Missing You
  I Love You
  I'm Not Afraid of Forever Anymore
  Incident in the Houston Post
  In Texas Last December
  In the Name of Love
  In The Name of Love
  It's Not Long
  It's the Women Who Choose (* and **) (Mark Webb)
  I Want to be Your Microphone



  Jack the Lad (* and **) (Mark Webb)
  Jesus Take Me Fishing
  Just Let Her Go (* and **) (Brent Moyer)
  Just to Hold You Through the Night



  Keep a Candle Burning



  Lay It Down and Walk Away
  Learning to Forget You
  Let it Go
  Living and Dying for Love
  Living With a Loaded Gun
  Lonesome Riding Shotgun
  The Long Liner
  Long Gone Love Song (*) (Mickey White)
  Long, Long Way
  Looking Out For Number One
  Love Never Free
  Love Only Love
  Love Train (* and **) (Susanna Clark)
  Loving Yolanda
  Low Rider Moon (* and **) (Mark Webb)



  Magic and Danger (* and **) (Thomm Jutz)
  Master of Love
  May You Glide Like a River
  Mexican Honeymoon (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Million to One
  Molly and Dan
  Money Talks (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Moving On (* and **) (Susie Monick)



  Never Say Never
  Never Trust a Rounder
  Ni la Vuelvo a Prestar
  No Blue Song
  No Rolling Stone
  Nothing Holy in the Holy Land



  Old Doll (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Old Friends (* and **) (Guy Clark; Susanna Clark)
  Old Man Collecting Cans
  One Bar Town (* and **) (Pinto Bennett)
  One Way Ticket (* and **) (Will Smith)
  Over All Over Again



  A Place Called Idaho
  Piece of Wood and Steel (**)
  Pony Ride (* and **) (Hal Ketchum)



  Que se Yo? What Do I Know?) (* and **) (Pinto Bennett)



  Rasputin (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Riding For a Fall (* and **) (Brent Moyer)
  A River Runs Through It
  A River Will Do (* and **) (Thomm Jutz)
  A Rock and a Soft Place
  Rocking to the Rhythm of the World
  A Rose is a Rose (* and **) (Susie Monick)
  Roughneck Occupation
  Ruester's Song



  Salty Kisses
  Sant' Anna
  Save the World
  She Almost Reminds Me of You
  She's Gone to Memphis (* and **) (Susanna Clark)
  Since You've Been Gone
  Sixty-Three Mercury
  Skinny Dipping (Ron Davies)
  So Afraid of Love
  So Have I (* and **) (Guy Clark; Susanna Clark)
  Song for Richard Mock
  Swept Away (* and **) (Catherine Craig; Will Smith)
  The Stranger
  String Along With You
  Swamp Rat
  Sweet Spot



  Talk Dirty to Me Baby
  Tengo Que Volar
  That's Right
  There Ought to be a Law
  They Call it Music City (*) (Scotty Melton)
  Too Young to Die Old
  Trying to Keep My Feet on the Ground (* and **) (Thomm Jutz)
  Turn in the Barrel



  Uncertain Texas (* and **) (Rodney Crowell)
  A Useful Girl






  Walking my Blues Away
  Welcome to the Wild Side of Me (* and **) (Susanna Clark)
  When Souls Collide
  When Wyoming Calls (* and **) (Brent Moyer)
  Where do the Dreams Go?
  Whoa Back
  Whole Lotta Love
  Who Killed Jack Rabbit?
  Without You
  Woodie Went Down in the Deep Hold
  The Words Mean Nothing






  You Ain't Gonna Do it to Me
  You Can't Love Nobody (If You Don't Love Yourself)



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