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Richard J. Dobson


I would like to call attention to some new links: These are friends who have been enormously kind, supportive, and inspirational to me in seeing Pleasures of the High Rhine through to completion:
  Spur Award winning Western writer Mike Blakely epitomizes my long-held dream of combining a songwriting-performing career with prose writing. His output amazes: he can spin a yarn in books or song with equal facility, and he plays a hundred-and-fifty nights a year.



  Award winning novelist and poet, Laurie Wagner Buyer (aka Laurie Jameson) is the author of an acclaimed memoir, When I Came West. I have Laurie to thank for a fine, insightful reading and edit of an earlier draft of Pleasures



  Adventurer, treasure hunter, journalist, author of over seventy books—including a hair raising autobiographical novel set in Mexico—W.C. Jameson is a hell of a songwriter with a voice somewhere between Cash and Waylon.



  Educator, tireless promoter of Texas music, author of two books of interviews with (mostly) Texas artists, and friend of many years, Kathleen Hudson brings dedication, radiance and enthusiasm to every project she undertakes. 



Here are some addresses of friends and colleagues, sites worth checking out.
  Rex (Wrecks) Bell used to be the co-owner of the original Old Quarter, a legendary Houston folk venue. For seven years now he has run the Old Quarter at Galveston. I was privileged to open the first show at the club, with Townes Van Zandt playing the following night.
Credits for the "beach photo" of Rex on that page go to Edith.



  Everybody's Long Suffering Partner, Pinto Bennett, is a world-class songwriter and honky-tonk singer from Idaho. Some of my fondest memories from my musical education come from traveling and sitting in with his band, the Famous Motel Cowboys.



  Paul Rostetter runs the Best Little Record Label in Switzerland. All of our Brambus CD releases are available here.



  You will need to subscribe for free access . Here you will find a detailed biography and reviews of Doppelgaenger and A River Will Do by the English music writer Arthur Wood.



  Home of Greater Texas Publishing; copies of Gulf Coast Boys available here.



  A diverse and eclectic publishing house. Gulf Coast Boys and Save the World / True West CDs available here.



  West Texas poet-performer, novelist, Indian activist, and iconoclast Roxy Gordon forged a legacy in his all-too-short life.



  This is a great site devoted to Texas music: Townes Van Zandt and much, much more.



  A great place to shop for Texas music.



  I met Brent Moyer New Years Eve 1975 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when we stayed up all night picking. We've been friends ever since.



  This is the site of my Doppelgaenger, my co-producer and good friend Thomm Jutz; lately moved from his home in the Black Forest to the green pastures of Nashville, Tennessee.



  Specializing in folk music, American and world wide, Danna Garcia celebrates twenty years in the business in 2004.



  Check out maverick Florida writer Jack Saunders' forty year marathon; once you get into it you'll want to keep coming back for more .



  Montana Rose...  Good people and fine music from the Big Sky Country.



  You're liable to run into Steady Freddy Krc in Austin, Prague, or London, and points between... a great guy and a great musician with a Texas-sized resume.



  A cool reggae-bluegrass fusion band from the Florida panhandle.



  Houston's longest running acoustic venue, this club is a musical-cultural-historical landmark.



  It's a long way from the Texas Gulf Coast to this old town on the Rhine. I wish there were more photos; lovers of found poetry will want to sample the computer translated English text.



  The way to happiness is living life with a good heart.






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